Apple unveils its next $329 tablet : gadgets

There’s quite a few good Android tablets. The Samsung S tablets have always been very good. They had a pen way before Apple had it. They have Samsung DeX which gives you a desktop-like interface when you plug it into an external display with keyboard and mouse. Android has had all the features of iOS 13 for years and it’s like nobody was even aware. Stuff like multiple apps running split screen, access to the file system, and mouse support.

I have the Samsung A 10.5 inch tablet from last year and I’m happy with it. It doesn’t support DeX and doesn’t have a pen. But I bought it as a media consumption device, and it works really well for that. Nice big screen, plug in a micro SD card for lots of storage, This years version has a 10.1 inch screen, and only costs $230 right now at best buy. I’m not sure why the iPad is so popular and people dont like Android tablets. Probably bad experiences with cheap tablets.

If I was going to spend more, I would just get the Surface Go, or spend eve more and get the Surface Pro. No point in spending all that money and getting something that comes with a borked OS. The Surface line up comes with full Wndows and can do anything any other Windows computer can do (withing the memory and processor limitations). Either spend a small amount of money and get a purely media consumption device, or spend more and get a full functioning real computer. There’s no reason to spend all the money on fast hardware and have it limited by the operating system.

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